Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Exotic Summer Fruit Salad

I am desperately waiting for rains now..The scorching sun and rising humidity is just making it difficult to experiment in the kitchen, apart from making us miserable! The will to cook and eat anything laborious and heavy has dwindled...The thought of popsicles, ice-cold thirst quenching drinks and chilled fruits keep nagging all the time, Well actually on hind sight is not that bad, the fruits definitely are an upside to this heat. Fresh Juicy fruits are abundant and there is a long list of these cold refreshing fruity treats that’s running through my head right now. The first thing that I decide to put together (it’s so simple, that I can’t say ‘make’ hence using ‘put together’ J ) is a light , summery, refreshing, (and incidentally J) healthy fruit salad.


There isn’t any recipe for this as such, since I’ve pretty much tossed this together.

The fruits have been tossed with a few mint leaves and half a teaspoon of Vanilla sugar and have been refrigerated for about half an hour before being served.  

I would really recommend that you use fresh mint leaves with your fruit salad, the addition of mint gives the salad this fresh minty twist that that undeniably tastes like summer!! The addition of vanilla sugar enhances the flavours of fruits and shines through. The refrigeration after the addition of sugar results in slight maceration; the fruits give up their delicious sweet juices and the fruits soak in it, making it much sweeter.


½ tsp Vanilla Sugar
Mint Leaves

Fruits that I have used in my salad:

Mango (Chopped)
Yellow Plums (Chopped)
Strawberries (Chopped)

P.S: If you are in an indulgent mood and wish to improve on perfection :) , please go ahead and enjoy this fruit salad topped with some yogurt or better still, with a scoop of Vanilla Ice-Cream!


  1. I love your pictures! They're so bright and vibrant, I feel as though I could reach through the screen and grab a berry.

    1. :D Thank you Bee! It's very sweet of you, I am happy you like the pictures.

  2. The colors are so alive! The combination spells a beautiful life! This will make summer extra cheery...

    1. Thank you, coming from you, it really means a lot! :)

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