Saturday, December 10, 2011

Food in Hong Kong

So I had to travel to Hong Kong last month for official work, we thought that it would be a good idea to extend it and take a much deserved small vacation :) so Mr. R joined me there and we had a 4 day mini vacation in Macau and Hong Kong. The trip was Fabulous!!!!

Here are some  of the things that we ate and some things that like a true food lover i carried back with me all the way from there. ;) Mr.R sure made fun of me... In my defense...i had to carry them because they are not available here in India, or some of them that are available are extremely expensive... or so it was all Justified!! :)

This was a fruit stall near the Jardine's Cresent early in the morning in Hong Kong

These are what i brought home:

Some Mini Oranges...these were the cutest little things!!

Some Cherries...

I got some lychees too but they over before they could be photographed :)

This is some fruit/veggie that i could not manage to understand and some Chinese Greens..

Some street food at Causeway bay near Times Square... There were various kinds of Fish bowls here that Mr. R tried and liked...

Then we walked into a tea and dimsum house right opposite this street stall... yeah the fish bowls weren't enough :)

The Chilly Pork Noodle with fried pork & the delicate food as they call it... the dimsums

This is what we ate at one of the restaurants at The Peak.... Mr. R had some chicken in Black Bean Sauce and i had some curried vegetables with rice....

Then we had some more street food at the Mongkok Night Street Market.....This night market has a a lot of street stalls that set up tables on one side of the market street and serve like endlless variety of food...
We tried some oyster cakes & vegetarian fried rice (which came garnished with lots of prawns :) ), didn't dare order anything beyond that because it was difficult to communicate with them as most of them could neither understand nor speak English and being adventurous could have been risky...there are too many creepy crawlies on the menu too :) They have a concept of sharing tables because of the huge crowd that this place attracts i guess. We ended up joining a very lovely Chinese couple who really helped us out with our order for food. They are the one's who suggested the yummy looking fluffy Oyster cakes as they are a specialty there. The Oyster Cakes were very delicious...a must try.

Ohh and these heavenly looking cakes from Haagen Daaz were looking soooooo delicious!!!!!!!! sadly they were reserved and weren't for sale...NOT FAIR!!!!!!!! :(

I am still undecided about my verdict on the was sometimes good...sometimes not so good...the fruits & veggies are very good in terms of quality though

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