Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pasta Rigatoni in a Cheese & Sundried Tomatoes Sauce with the movie Letters to Juliet!!!

One weekend me and Mr. were in the mood for good food. I wanted to make something delicious for us and I pretty quickly decided on Italian, a nice cheesy pasta. Mostly because, like me, my Mr. LOVEs cheese!!  We really believe that cheese can make almost everything taste better. So for our mutual love of cheese, I decided to try to combine a few of our favorite things into one perfect dish of this cheesy tangy pasta.

I combined rigatoni with a rich creamy sauce of milk, parmesan cheese & sundried tomatoes made even more delicious by the addition of some sautéed mushrooms, and broccoli. It was served with some toasted herbed Foccacia garlic bread accompanied by a nice chilled white wine!!

We dug into this yummy pasta while watching a lovely romantic movie ‘Letters to Juliet’ J The funny bit was that my husband kept laughing through the movie because he found the lead actor (who is a chef and a true food enthusiast J ) an almost half brother of mine. There were times during the movie where i would say the exact same dialogue that i actor is about to deliver. One such incidence was when the lead actress calls ‘truffles’ mushrooms!!!!! J and i instantly blurted ‘ At least don’t call it  Mushrooms!!!’ and the actor says the same thing too!! This was a very regular thing throughout the move J So in all it was a lovely evening!

This is one of those recipes that don’t really need one, every ingredient can be adjusted to taste and the method is just tossing everything are some pointers though you can feel free to tweak it as per your liking J


250gms Dried Rigatoni Pasta
About 10 Sundried Tomatoes (i used the one’s in herbed olive oil, also used a little bit of the oil)
100gms chopped Mushrooms
One small floret of Broccoli
About 100gms Parmesan Cheese - grated
2 tspn Extra Virgin Olive Oil/ Oil from the Sundried tomatoes
20gms Butter
2 cups of Milk (you can increase this if you prefer you pasta saucy)
3 small cloves of Garlic
Some chopped fresh Oregano & Thyme
Salt and Pepper to taste


·         Boil the Pasta as per packet instruction along with some salt (till al dente) and keep it aside
·         In a pan sauté the garlic mushroom & broccoli in the olive oil and keep this aside too
·         For the sauce take about a half cup of mil along with the sundried tomatoes and blend it coarsely. Now in a pan over a simmer add some butter, and then add the rest of the milk. Once a little heated add the coarsely blended tomatoes & milk followed by the Parmesan cheese,
·         The sauce will begin to thicken, now add salt & pepper as per your taste and some chopped herbs. You sauce is ready
·         All you have to do now is toss the boiled pasta, sautéed vegetables & the sauce together and you have a yummylicios pasta ready in a jiffy!!!


  1. Yummy! My husband and I also love pasta dinners. There's nothing like simple, home-cooked pasta on a night in. And I LOVE Letters To Juliet! Amanda Seyfried's chef boyfriend is really funny. And Tuscany is gorgeous

  2. Hey Meenakshi! A good home cooked pasta and a lovey movie is one our ideal ways of spending a lovely evening too :) Oh and i wish I could be in Tuscany for a while, apart from roaming the gorgeous landscapes i would love to cook there! :)