Monday, November 7, 2011

Cherry Cupcakes with Cherry Liquor Cream Cheese Icing

Cupcakes!! Don’t they just sound beautiful?? J and dare you there will be a miniscule number of people who would disagree with me… (and they are to be ignored anyway…J). Everything about these little fairy food-like mini treats is Lovely!!!! They look so pretty, taste yummy, and the ‘Icing on these cakes’!! is so delicious, it literally  may have inspired the phrase in the first place………… :D
Where I live, a lot of fruits and ingredients are not that easy to get. So I usually hoard them whenever they are available. Trust me I am not exaggerating… I pick them up like I am saving for apocalypse..or at least people around me in the market think so.. J  I made these a while ago..when cherries were in season. They are very moist and a delicious way of enjoying the fruit, perfect accompaniment for evening or afternoon tea!


Makes about 20 cupcakes

200gms Bing Cherries chopped (some extra whole cherries for decorating)  
2 cups Flour
1 ½cups Powdered Sugar
150gms Softened Butter
1 tspn Baking Powder
½ tspn Baking Soda
1 Egg


    ·  Pre heat the oven to 350 degrees
    ·  Sift the flour, baking powder & baking soda together and keep aside     
    ·  Beat the butter and sugar for about 2 mins till lighter in colour. Add the egg and beat again for about a minute till light & fluffy, Add the sifted flour and cherries & fold till just well combined
    · Spoon the mixture into cupcake moulds lined with butter paper
·         Bake for about 20 mins or until a skewer inserted in the centre of the cup cakes comes out clean

For the Icing:

8oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese
75gms butter
200gms sifted Confectioner’s Sugar

2 teaspoons of vanilla Extract

Beat the cream cheese and butter together till creamy then gradually add the sugar n vanilla and beat till fluffy and smooth.

Few more variations to the icing could be 2-3 tspn of Cherry Liquor or a 2 tspn of cherry jam/preserve to enhance the cherry flavour. 

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