Saturday, October 1, 2011

Toasted Bagel with Sauteed Basil Mushrooms & Cream Cheese

Me and 2 of my office friends went on a shopping spree on one of our Summer Fridays (Our company has this policy of summer Fridays where employees can leave work at 3pm on Fridays and get to spend more time with family or doing things that they like) No surprise that decided to go shopping.. J and since we knew we had a lot of hard work to do ;) we decided to stop and eat at the Moshe’s café first. We ate a very nice bagel there and I decided to make my interpretation of the same with a little customization of for my husband the next morning for breakfast.


1 Bagel Bread  
1 tbsp Philadelphia Cream Cheese
A handful of chopped Fresh Basil Leaves or you can use a little Basil Pesto (I prefer the fresh Basil better)
½ tspn coarse mustard paste (I used Kasundi)
½ tspn Honey
2 Arguala leaves chopped
200gms Fresh Mushrooms (cut into very small cubes)
2-3 cloves of chopped Garlic
1/tspn Olive Oil
Salt and Pepper to taste


·         Sautee the Mushroom, garlic, Basil & Arguala in the olive oil, add salt & pepper to taste
·         Toast the Bagel and split it into half lengthwise.
·         Spread cream cheese on one side of the Bagel & put the sautéed mushrooms on the other
·         Mix the honey & mustard in a bowl and drizzle some over the mushrooms, place the other half of the bagel on the mushrooms & serve.

I had mine with some lettuce & cherry tomato salad drizzled with the honey mustard.  

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