Sunday, September 18, 2011

Back to the blog after a Long time..... Vanilla Extract - The Real Thing

It’s been some time since I posted…lots of things happening but I am back for good now J

So I thought I would start with Vanilla Extract, since it’s one of the essential ingredients in baking. Pure vanilla, with its wonderful aromatic flavour, is the most heavenly spice you would ever come across. You cannot imagine how ecstatic I was when on our trip to a spice garden in Munnar I came across this precious treasure… I really mean it when I call it treasure…I bought the beans like it was end of the world J but u can’t blame me now.. can you..

Look at the beautiful trees and the precious green pods!!

The cheaper synthetic vanillas on the market today do not come close to competing with pure vanilla. The best part…. a two year old can make it J


·         Pour the Vodka into a sterilized bottle
·         Split the vanilla beans lengthwise and submerge them into the vodka
·         Close the lid and let it sit in a cool dark place for about 6 weeks. Do remember to shake it every once in a while
·         After about six weeks you have your pure vanilla extract ready

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