Saturday, September 18, 2010

My First Post...

A Human Resource Manager by profession Foodie by chance is what i became...yup really. And well it came out pretty nice, at least that's what i think.

So Hey all!! Welcome to my  and blog and don't worry even if you are a maggie spoiler you can jump right in.... :) My blog as the name says is all about experimenting with food "there are no fixed criteria or rules about baking in my world" and yes i know your eyebrows are already raised because baking is all about measurements.... its a science....if u don't follow the measurements and instructions to the T u can never get it right...has been told to us time n again by one n all but the rule beaker i have been all my life how cud i follow them now ;) and trust me i have never ever had a disaster....and i have never baked with measurements...U can follow the measurements if u wish, i will be writing the recipes with proper measurements but i would really urge u to give in to your intuitive chef while baking/cooking....that's the fun bit :)

The purpose of this blog is to help out people trying to explore the baker's in them ;) and are struggling with a lot of questions, like where to get the ingredients from? what moulds or equipments to use or where to get them from? measurements that are sacrosanct, what temperature to bake at? etc etc....i will try to address as many as possible :) because i had a lot of these when i began and really wished someone cud help me out with some answers. And of course its also about sharing recipes and my experiences...hope u enjoy :)

So how did i get introduced to this Joy of Baking :).....well all the credit goes to my mom n my husband's sweet about 3 years ago my mom gifted me a microwave which was promptly sitting in my kitchen... pristine and as good as new for about a year as i never ever used it :) except for occasionally using it to heat the food. But then one day at a cafe when my hubby went gaga about this pineapple upside down cake that's when i realised i might as well put the oven to use and i went all solo determined to make my first own dessert fully equipped with my experimental gear and wallah.....the magic happened and it continued ever since then :)

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